In my many years of raiding other people’s closets and fiddling with different looks, the most important lesson I’ve learned is this: the key to an elegant outfit is balance.

“Balance” simply means letting the star of your outfit shine, and not overpowering it with other pieces. For example, if you have a fantastic dress, don’t let your crazy accessories detract from it. No, let it shine. Elegance doesn’t come from how well you match your crazy pieces, but rather from how you balance them.

A perfect example of this is the cold shoulder trend. Unless you want to end up looking like you’re trying too hard, you definitely need to let the cut of the dress shine. That’s the whole point!

My favorite way to wear this cold shoulder dress (which is my mom’s but shh! no telling!) is simply with a pair of nude heels! They balance the unique cut and design of the dress, resulting in an elegant, on-trend look. Love!

Cold Shoulder TrendCold Shoulder Trend

Xo Emma