So, I suppose it’s Spring, and time to start wearing Spring clothes. Billowy blouses. Flowy dresses. Airy skirts. NOT JEANS.

But hold on.

Who really wants to give up their super comfy jeans? Not me! So does that mean looking Spring Ready is impossible?

Thankfully, of course not! One of my favorite outfits to wear in Spring is an embroidered peasant blouse, jeans, and a pair of colorful loafers. (Peasant blouse: Billowy, check. Flowy, check. Airy, check.)

Don’t pack away your comfiest jeans! Grab that peasant blouse, slip on a pair of colorful loafers, and BAM!… you’re stylin’ for Spring!


Flower Picking Outfit flower picking outfit

flower picking outfit flower picking outfit
Go pick some flowers! Go frolic! It’s Spring!

Blouse · Shoes (old… but here’s something even better!)

Xo Emma