Braids are great for the summer. Not only are they cute and stylish, but they are totally practical. Who wants their hair sticking to them in 90° weather? Not me! So in honor of Braid Season, I have a super impressive braid for you all to try. Not good with hair? That’s okay! It only takes 6 steps.

1. Brush your hair until it’s nice and smooth. NO KNOTS!

2. Separate three strands of hair from the rest on the side of your head. Pull taught, and begin a dutch braid forward.

3. After continually adding pieces to your braid, the braid will most likely end up sitting right above your forehead. YAY YOU! This is good. Continue the braid down to your other ear.

4. Once reaching your ear, separate all your hair into three sections. (If all of your hair did not make it into the braid, that is fine! Mine didn’t either.)

5. Braid all your hair into a single straight braid, and secure it with a hair tie. 

6. Then, pull hair apart gently to create more volume. Volume is always good when talking hair.

Done! Not too hard, right? I recently wore this braid to school and got tons of compliments! I bet you will too. Go try it!

Xo Emma