I cannot stand a messy closet. Nothing is more annoying then rifling through unworn, unfolded clothes when trying to find something. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve thought a family member borrowed (stole?!?) a shirt or pair of shorts, only to discover later they were at the bottom of my drawers the entire time. (Yikes! Um, awkward!)  

To spare myself the hassle of a messy closet and the humiliation of framing innocent family members, I like to keep my closet neat and tidy. Organized. SIMPLE. So every season I have my go-to pieces. These are the pieces I wear on constant repeat. For years one of those has been the same pair of white shorts! They’re light, comfortable, adorable, and match everything! Want proof? Check out these three looks:

Casual Ruffle

I like casual. I love casual. So when you can add a little ruffle to make “your casual” better then “everyone else’s casual,” it’s even better. LOVE.

Casual Stripe 

I’m practically a striped shirt connoisseur. Every shirt I own is striped, so I know a good one when I find one. This one by far is my favorite! It’s soft, light, and fits perfectly! (Not too tight, not too boxy.)


Perfect Blouse

I wore this blouse to dinner three times in a row. To the same restaurant. But, hey, what can I say? It’s perfect.


What are your go-to pieces for summer?

Xo Emma