When people read my blog, they tell me I’m photogenic.

I appreciate that. It’s very kind. But I’ve got to disagree.

For one thing, everyone who sees the photos I post, only sees the photos I post. Trust me, LOTS of photos don’t make the cut. And for good reason! Sometimes instead of the perfect pose, we get something… else.

The “I Just Wanna Eat My Ice Cream” Photo


Mom: *Tries to take picture*

Me: One sec….


The “WHAT WAS THAT?!?” Photo


The “This Location isn’t Working…” Photo


The “I Have to Walk in These?” Photo


The “Objects Are Closer Than They Appear” Photo



The “I Don’t Think You Understand My Stress Levels Right Now” Photo


The “Everything Can Be Turned into a Blog Post” Photo

(Otherwise known as the “Best Way to Style Your Hospital Gown” photo. 😉



I don’t look too photogenic anymore, do I? Well, of course not. But what better way to celebrate emmagranger.com’s birthday then to have a good laugh? I cannot believe my first post “Beach Love” was two years ago! Thank you for all your love and support, I couldn’t do it without you.

Xo Emma

PS. If you haven’t seen last years Realities of Being Photogenic… don’t forget to check it out!


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